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Policy & Technical Guidance

Creating the long-term changes that will make it easier for students to bike and walk to school in our communities requires attention to policy. Policies that impact Safe Routes to School exist at multiple scales and involve different people, groups, and levels of government. Supporting positive change can mean getting involved with ongoing planning/policymaking processes …

Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects are short-term, low-cost, temporary roadway projects used to pilot potential long-term design solutions to improve walking/bicycling and public spaces. View of a Story Map of where Demonstration Projects are being implemented in Minnesota. Short-Term On the short end, a one- or two-day project may be more about community engagement and exploring new ideas. Longer …

Planning 101

Safe Routes to School Planning process overview, resources, and templates.

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation strategies ensure SRTS initatives are effective and track progress over time

Planning 101

The Safe Routes to School planning process: Planning for Safe Routes to School: A Primer This webinar series can be used to train a new Safe Routes to School team and prepare for the Safe Routes planning process. 1. Introduction to Safe Routes to School 2. Planning Guidance for Safe Routes to School 3. Special …


Maps help communicate safe routes, arrival/dismissal procedures and supportive infrastructure for walking and biking.

Minnesota Crossing Guard Training

The Minnesota Safe Routes to School program is pleased to offer an online training for adult school crossing guards in Minnesota. Some Minnesota crossing guards do not currently receive any training on crossing guard procedures, common causes of crashes or Minnesota state law. This training is not intended to replace existing crossing guard training programs, …