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Government officials huddled around a mapLocal government support is essential for securing funding, implementing infrastructure projects, and leading enforcement efforts. Governments can also enact policies that encourage walking and biking. Specific examples include:

Elected Officials

  • Participate in and attract media to Walk and Bike to School Day events
  • Assign staff to work on Safe Routes to School
  • Approve local funding for Safe Routes to School
  • Adopt policies that support Safe Routes to School  

Parks and Recreation Staff

  • Provide insights about how to integrate trails and parks into bicycling and walking routes for students
  • Assist with bike rodeos or other educational events by providing instructors, equipment or event space
  • Consider a “Story Stroll” to give students and families an activity to do while they walk trails throughout the community and stop to read pages along the way.

Law Enforcement

  • Train school crossing guards
  • Issue tickets for moving violations in school zones
  • Assist with bicycle and pedestrian safety education

Local Planners

  • Create maps showing the safest routes around schools with bicycling and walking infrastructure
  • Conduct infrastructure assessments  
  • Apply professional knowledge of land-use issues to master planning process and school siting decisions
  • Review development site plans to ensure pedestrian and bicycle access is provided

Public Health Professionals

  • Provide resources and giveaway items
  • Help with cross-promotion at events
  • Educate students and adults on the importance of physical activity and injury prevention

Public Works

  • Maintain safe walking and bicycling facilities by sweeping, snow plowing and making repairs
  • Construct new sidewalks and stripe crosswalks and bike lanes
  • Participate in master planning processes and school siting decisions

Transportation Engineers

  • Provide information about vehicle speeds and volumes near schools
  • Conduct speed studies and infrastructure assessments
  • Design bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Approve changes to the transportation network  

Resources for Local Government