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Your school should be teaching this walk and bike safety curriculum

Kids listen to instruction on how to bikeKids listen to intruction on how to ride a bike.
Every kid should learn to ride a bike – Walk! Bike! Fun! CurriculumThink back to your earliest memories of being active. They probably include learning to ride a bike or going for a bike ride. Unfortunately, not every kid has the opportunity to learn to ride a bike anymore. Adding a bike safety curriculum to Physical Education classes in schools can change that – and be fun for everyone involved!

Teaching kids how to ride bikes in school physical education classes can have numerous benefits for students:

Improved mental health: Biking can have mental health benefits, as it allows kids to get some time outdoors and away from screens. This can help improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Enhanced academic performance: Physical activity, like biking, has been shown to improve concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills.
Foster independence: Teaching kids how to ride bikes c gives them a mode of transportation that they can use to get around on their own.
Promote physical activity:  Biking can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and improve coordination and balance.
Promote environmental sustainability: Biking is a low-carbon mode of transportation. Encouraging kids to use bikes as a means of transportation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By incorporating biking into physical education class, schools can help promote the benefits of biking to kids and encourage them to use bikes as a means of transportation.

Walk! Bike! Fun! Teacher trainings are available in two parts.

Part one is online and part two is available in the spring in person to learn how to lead a group ride safely. There is still time to apply to host a teacher training in your school district!

Need bikes for the training? You can borrow the Bike MN bike fleet or learn more about what it would take to own a bike fleet for your school district. 

MnSRTS will have funding opportunities opening in March to apply for a bike fleet.