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An opportunity for more children to experience the joys and reap the benefits of walking to school, regardless of the distance of their homes from school.

What is a Park & Walk?

  • A Park & Walk is when parents and caregivers drop students at a predetermined location approximately 0.5 miles from school (a 10-12-minute walk) instead of the front door of the school.
  • School staff and volunteers meet students at the drop-off site and accompany them along a designated route to school.

Why start a Park & Walk?

  • Research shows a positive correlation between physical activity and academic achievement.
  • The walk to school helps students meet the goal of 60 minutes of daily physical activity.
  • Park & Walks build community through positive exposure for the school in the neighborhood.
  • Park & Walks provide leadership opportunities for older students as they help younger students on the way to school.
  • Students that walk to school have increased environmental awareness and learn lifelong pedestrian safety skills.

How do I start a Park & Walk?

Below is a summary of the main steps involved in planning a Park & Walk.

  • Identify a Park & Walk School Leader to meet and greet the vehicles.
  • Work with the school district transportation department to identify a drop-off location and communicate with parent and caregivers who transport students.
  • Determine strategies to involve students of all abilities.
  • Identify school staff and adult volunteers to support the walk.
  • Communicate with parents about Park & Walk purpose and schedule.
  • Establish a back-up plan for weather, illness, etc.
  • Share behavior expectations with students, parents and staff.
  • Greet vehicles at the drop-off location and have fun!

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