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Join us on June 6th for the Safe Routes Meet Up

Learn, network, and gain hands-on experience on June 6

It’s been a while since we have gathered in person, and we’ve learned a lot about making walking and biking easier, safer, and more convenient during the pandemic years. 

Hopping on bikes and going for walks became a bigger priority for families to keep busy while social distancing. Parents working at home meant they could join their kids on their safe route to school.

Let’s gather to share what we’ve learned! Our “Safe Routes to School Summer Meetup” is on Tuesday, June 6, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Minneapolis. Our guest speaker is Kori Johnson from the National Safe Routes Partnership. During the event, we will take a deeper dive into equity and engagement with priority populations. We’ll also learn from partners across the state how they sustain SRTS efforts year to year through funding variables, evolving school or community priorities, and changes with staff, partners, and new parents each year.